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 When searching for a job on-line you need to be very careful about where you post your resume.  A recent article in the "Wall Street Journal" publicized for the first time the practice of "salvaging" resumes where unethical recruiters monitor job posting sites and take resumes from one site and post them on another.  Don't be drawn into the Internet web without exercising a great deal of caution.  Reputable recruiters, such as DSA, can prove to be your most valuable resource during your job hunt.   If you do not care who sees your information or where it goes perhaps posting an open resume is an effort that can get you responses.  It could be a disaster if, on the other hand, you are currently employed and are looking on a very discreet basis.  Resumes confidentially shared with DSA are not shared with other recruiters, posted on the internet or shared with our client companies until we first discuss the referral with you and receive your permission.

How does DSA work?

In order to better serve you, our staff is assigned responsibilities for divisions within each group allowing further specialization and concentration on a particular segment within our industry. 

Upon your initial contact with DSA, to see if you might be a candidate for one of our many current searches. we will evaluate:

         Your resume, or C.V.,

         Our completed Personal History Form 

         And the results of our phone interview when it becomes appropriate

If there is a match with one of our current searches, we will contact you and bring you up-to-date on the position we are representing to see if you are interested in our introducing your background for further evaluation by our client company.

If we do not have a current search in which you meet our client's specifications, or conversely, if they are not offering what you have indicated to us are your personal search parameters, we will retain your information in our confidential files and continue to consider you as new searches are established.

There is no cost for this service.

To review current searches in your area of expertise, simply click on the link above which lists many of our current openings. 

Step One- Confidentially submit your resume to DSA

Candidate Confidential Registration

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